Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A tough month but that's no excuse

The last month or so (since May 17) has been hard. I was in the hospital for about four days. Our software product was to be released during this time, too. Then, my mother fell and broke her hip. I traveled back to Western Pennsylvania to help her while she was in the hospital. I also needed to line up an assisted living residence for her when she was released from the hospital and then I helped in moving her there. Also, my family had planned on going on vacation during this last month and had already made reservations that we couldn't break.

But that is no excuse for my not writing entries for this blog. The hardest part about writing in this blog is starting up again after a long pause. I have a lot of things to write about, of course, and plan to do so in the coming weeks. But it will be a slow start up. This post is just to get everything started. Like a train starting, you cannot start the whole line of cars at one time. That's why trains don't like to stop that often and why it takes them a while to get started.

I case you are interested, there was a good puzzle from the radio show Car Talk about this.

Here is a link to the puzzle: Loose Caboose puzzler

Here is a link to the answer: Loose Caboose puzzler answer

I love trains!