Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Promises and monkey wrenches

I've learned another lesson in life - Don't promise something in such a way that it keeps you from doing other things. In my last entry, I said I'd say more "in my next entry" about how to select a high definition TV with at least the height of your current standard monitor. After writing that, I moved to a new computer that didn't have the drawing program I used to make the illustrations I wanted to use. So, by promising what I did, it seemed wrong to write other entries before fulfilling my promise. So, while I figure out how to make the drawings I want to make, I'm held up on adding another entry.

Well, that's not completely true, is it? I'm writing this entry - but it's not much of an entry. We have the expression of "throwing a monkey wrench into the works". This means that you've put an obstacle in the way of completing something. The British say "throwing a spanner" with the same, or similar, meaning. I imagine it is similar to the scene in the movie Chicken Run when the two lead characters, Ginger and Rocky who are chickens, are trying to stop the pie machine, which takes chickens and vegetables in and turns out chicken pot pies. Rocky throws a wrench into the gears which brings the machine to a halt giving the chickens more time to figure out how they're going to escape from the chicken farm.

So, in one sense, my statement about what my next article would be about (high definition TVs) was a monkey wrench in the flow of my articles. But this article is also a monkey wrench in that it gives me a little more time to come up with that high definition TV article.

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