Thursday, February 05, 2009

February does not bring an end to winter

We had some more snow on Tuesday and into Wednesday. I didn't get out for my walk on Wednesday but I did get out today. It certainly is lovely but it's cold and the wind is picking up. Here is a picture showing that, although the snow was light, we continue to get thawing and freezing cycles that allow the snow to build up on the trees making them bend. As with all the pictures in my blog, just click on it to get a larger view.

Notice that there are no footsteps in the snow here. I was the first to pass this way today. I find it exciting to be the first one to walk a path. I think it makes me feel like I'm one of the intrepid people who first explored our country and opened it up to the others. Of course, I'm nothing like those guys and I'm one of the "others". I take my exploring and suffering in half hour doses. I take hardship for, at most, a week at a time. I enjoy getting back to my warm house and eating the delicious food my wife prepares. I like my easy life too much to be a real explorer.

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