Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Enchanted Village - part 2

As I said in "The Enchanted Village - part 1", we traveled to Avon, MA to Jordan's Furniture the day after Christmas to see their display of The Enchanted Village. We had gone before but this time we took our cameras and I got so many pictures that I wanted to show them in multiple posts. As I also mentioned before, there were a number of displays showing food and they were so well done, they made me hungry. The first picture here shows the bakery. Boy, if I hadn't been hungry before, I was now.

The next picture shows the grocery store. It seemed to have the most parts of all the displays. I could have stood there for an hour looking at all the stuff sold in this store. We used to have a hardware store in our town that reminded me of this. They seemed to have a few of everything you could imagine. And they would spend a lot of time trying to make sure you got what you wanted. I went there to buy paint once. The owner's son spent about a half-hour helping me to get just the right shade. Another time I walked in needing an old style wash tub to give my dog a bath. He walked in the back and bought out two different sizes. I still have the one I bought that day - it's almost 30 years old.

Finally, for this post, you can see a display of a mother reading a story to her children. I think this display would have been better without the snow in the foreground, though. Most of the other displays were of store fronts and the snow was appropriate there. Here, they removed the wall so we could see what they were doing. But, ignoring this minor problem, I have to say that this was one of my favorites. I like seeing all the books in this room.

There is one more thing I like about this scene. Look at the table to the left of the mother and you'll see what I'm talking about. Can't see it? Here's a close up. That pie à la mode looks delicious! So, once again, my hunger grew and here we were in a furniture store. I'd have to wait to eat.

I have one more set of pictures to show in a later post. There are even more scenes that I could show but that's enough. There are other things to write about. Also, don't forget that you can just click on the pictures to see them in a larger form.

[Update: The third, and final, post about The Enchanted Village can be found here in "The Enchanted Village - part 3"]

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