Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm 62 years old today

The cake for my 62nd birthday
This has been one of my longer droughts in writing blog posts. I wrote my last one 9 days ago. Where has the time gone? Well, I could say that for my whole life. Today is my birthday and where have the last 62 years gone?

For the first 24 years of my life, I lived in Western Pennsylvania. I was born, raised and went to school there. I also got my first traffic ticket there. I only lived outside Western Pennsylvania when I went to college in Central Pennsylvania. Then, after graduating, I spent the next 3 years in Northern Virginia. I moved because my first real job was there. I also got a traffic ticket there. Finally, I moved to Massachusetts and have lived here ever since. I bought my first house here, met and married my wife here and we had our children here. I also got a traffic ticket here.

An interesting fact is that all three states I've lived in do not call themselves "states" but commonwealths. Did you know there is one more commonwealth in the United States? In case you don't know, and you haven't clicked on the link yet, it's Kentucky. I've never been there and may not ever get there - I don't need another traffic ticket.

I feel happier than I've ever felt in my life. I have a wonderful wife, two terrific children, a lovely mother-in-law and, if I could get my mother to move here from Pennsylvania, I'd have it all. Getting her to pull up roots and move here is tough, though. I don't think she wants a traffic ticket, either.


Flamin-Cat said...

Your still NOT Old!!!!!!!!!!
Henry is middle-aged.

JED said...

I may not BE old but I sure FEEL old.

Flamin-Cat said...

YOUR NOT Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grayson Ford said...

Traffic tickets have become the hallmark in all places you resided in, Jed! But it's not really something hideous to you as a person. Your experiences on this matter would be great stories to tell your grandchildren. Brag to them that you're able to get off the hook without any legal help. :D What were your infractions, by the way? Happy birthday on Feb 27 of next year! Hope you'd still be blogging by then. :D

JED said...

Thank for writing, Grayson. I got the tickets for speeding (driving faster than the posted speed limit) and, unfortunatey, I didn't get off the hook. I had to pay a fine each time.

As a matter of fact, my second traffic ticket has a bit of a funny story associated with it. Thank you for reminding me about it. I'll have to write about it some time.