Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

 I used to resent this day as forced, insincere, showy love. Because so much fuss was made about it, if you didn't get the people you loved something, it made you a bad person. And as you heard tales or saw stories about the lengths to which some people showed their affections, it seemed that if you didn't meet that bar, even if you did show your affection, it wasn't enough. It seemed you could never win. I know that competition is one of the things that made this country great but can't we have a break from it? Do we always have to do things at certain times and do them better than everyone else? And what does this have to do with being in this country?

Then I wised up. It's hard (but not impossible) for someone to put pressure on you if you don't allow it. I'm sure there are cases where someone doesn't do enough to shower love on their Valentine and gets punished for it. But if that's the case, those two people are not really in a loving relationship. I love my wife so much that I really look forward to chances to let her know it. I'm not one of those guys who gets flowers for my wife all the time but I do my best. The picture at the top is a portion of the bouquet I got her this year.

And the picture on the left is a picture of one of the little "Just Add Ice" orchids I got for my daughter, my mother and my mother-in-law. I like these little gems. They are easy to take care of and it's nice that they continue for a long time after you give them. This is a wonderful time of the year. I'm glad it happens during the winter weather because it helps to brighten up a dreary time of the year.

And  our showing of earthly love is a way for us to understand the love between our Heavenly Father and us. We shouldn't be competing to be the most religious person or the best rule follower. Following rules and doing good deeds is not how we show our love for God. We do what he wants out of our love for him. We must not be forced to do good or it means nothing.

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