Saturday, December 20, 2008

First big snow of the season

I'm dating this post December 20, 2008 because that's when we got the snow (actually starting December 19) but this really loaded on December 26.

I know this isn't much snow (6 - 8 inches) in other places but it's a lot to us. Here is a picture of our house with the snow framing it. It wasn't bad shoveling it - until you got up near the road. That's where the snow plows throw all the heavy, watery, salted and sanded snow from the road. It takes as long to shovel the last six feet of the driveway (near the road) as it does the rest of the driveway because the snow is so heavy and there is so much more of it.

You can't see our Christmas tree in the front window in this picture. I'll try to get one at night and add it to the this post later.

[Updated, December 28 with a picture of our house with the Christmas tree "visible" through the front window. Unfortunately, it's not very clear. One of these days I'll learn to take good pictures. You can see that in the eight days since the original post, all the snow has disappeared.]

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