Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More snow on New Year's Eve

We got some more snow today. We were going to go out to lunch and then take in a movie in a town about 10 miles away (the closest theater now - there was both a movie theater and a drive-in theater in town when I first moved here 30 years ago). We brushed off the car and got to the Chinese restaurant for a nice lunch buffet. After lunch, we had a tougher time clearing off the car to head to the movie. It took about fifteen minutes to get about two miles down the road so we decided it wasn't worth it to see the movie. We'll just go another time. The snow wasn't really that bad but people must have been rushing home early from work (I'm still on vacation) and caused the traffic back-ups. We only got about 4 - 6 inches but it came down heavy for a while and scared us a bit.

I feel sorry for the folks who had parties to go to tonight or who were hosting the parties. I don't think a lot of folks ventured out. The road in front of our house was pretty empty after the "rush" hour. Here's another picture of our house in the new snow. I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm hopeful that we'll have a better year than last year. I pray for those who suffered hardship this past year that they will have a better year coming up. We had a pretty good year - especially compared to the people in war zones or who lost homes or money or loved ones.

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