Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Two days sick - more to come?

I stayed home yesterday with a sore throat and a cough. I'm a firm believer in not getting the other people at work sick. I'm glad I set up a computer at home that allows me to get some work done - I talked about this before. While I tried to get some work done at home, it was hard to concentrate. We are on a two-week schedule on our projects at work. This is part of the Agile Method of software development. Also, we have a 10-minute stand-up meeting every day to discuss what we're working on and what problems we're facing. I'm going to miss my two-week milestones. I felt even worse today (fever, chills, achy joints, no energy) and I think I might have the flu. I had a flu shot back in November but, as my son points out, it can only cover three strains of flu virus. I hope I'll be able to go to work tomorrow. If not, I'm really going to be behind.

This reminds me of how I felt when Cindy and I were about to get married fifteen years ago. I rarely get sick but at that time, I felt worse than I'd ever felt before. I went to the doctor and his nurses acted like I was being a big baby. He said I "just" had the flu and I said it never felt this bad before. His answer was that I'd never been 42 before, either. Poor Cindy was sure I was just trying to postpone the wedding. We didn't and I was better in time for the wedding. But the effects of the flu lingered into our honeymoon. We still had a wonderful time. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in Vermont. It was so relaxing. We didn't feel pressured to do a bunch of activities but we did ski, toboggan and take a sleigh ride. All we really wanted was to be together and enjoy each other.

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