Thursday, February 04, 2010

The trouble with dogs learning things

Here's a picture of our dog Charlie. You can see that he is interested in something. Well, it's that small pile of leaves. Sometime when he was a puppy, he learned that mice and other things sometimes make their homes under piles of leaves.

Now, whenever I take him for a walk, we can't pass a pile of leaves without him thrusting his snout into them and taking a whiff to see if somebody lives there. That's all well and good but when I'm taking him for a walk...for makes it hard to keep going and work up your heart rate. But I hate to drag him along because he enjoys it so much. So, I just have to walk longer to make up for it. Or maybe I should jog in place.

Today is a good day to enjoy Hound Dog Thursday at my wife's blog.

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