Thursday, June 28, 2012

How I'm going to get rich

Do you recognize the picture here? It's a sink strainer basket (or sometimes just called a sink strainer). Have you ever had one that worked? Neither have I. It is very frustrating, wastes a lot of time and causes all sorts of problem with the plumbing. You know how it goes. They may even work for a while but sooner or later, the thing fails to strain anything and just works to block your sink. As a matter of fact, they are terrific at acting as a stopper for the sink. But who needs a stopper in their sink - all the time? So, what usually happens is that people just remove them or tilt them so that water can get through. Then all sorts of stuff finds its way down the drain where it blocks up the drain and then you have more trouble.

I'm convinced that there is only one, true maker of these things and it is probably a subsidiary of the Drano or Liquid Plumber companies. They are the ones who profit when these strainers fail to work. It's like the great Streetcar Conspiracy where automobile, oil and tire companies supposedly bought out streetcar lines so they could replace the electric railways with buses. How else do you explain it?

Well, my idea is to simply design a sink strainer basket that works correctly and is easy to use. How hard could it be? You just need something with a screen or strainer that doesn't block the drain. My design will be foolproof and inexpensive. My design will just work and it will always work. My design will be the only one, apparently, that can do this so I will be rich. Don't worry, I will continue to write this blog so you won't miss any of my future Earth-shattering announcements.

Disclaimer - In case you haven't figured it out yet, this post should be taken as a joke. I don't believe in the conspiracies mentioned here and I probably won't be designing the Great American Sink Strainer Basket. But I sure wish someone would!

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Cindy said...

Now we know what you will be working on this weekend after weekwacking, playing ball, putting up the badminton set, shampooing the rugs, bathing the dog....