Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I should be happy when I fix a problem

My co-workers, and especially by boss, would always be amazed at my reaction when I found the source of a problem in circuits I designed or programs I wrote. When I'd finally track down the problem and fix it, I would get mad at myself and often shout a few words I shouldn't have let out of my mouth. Then they would all start laughing knowing I had found the problem. Then the lectures would start: "You should be happy." "Why are you so mad?" "How can you be angry when you've found the problem?"

What was going through my mind, though, was, "How could I have made that stupid mistake?" It always seemed so obvious once I'd found the problem. I couldn't believe I'd done that.

I'm a little better about this now and all the people who used to notice this have either left the company or retired, as the owner of our company has - to Hawaii!

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