Friday, February 14, 2014

Another way I'm going to get rich

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post titled, "How I'm going to get rich". It didn't happen, though. I didn't get rich. Not because it wasn't a great idea. It didn't happen because I just didn't do it. It would have worked. I'm sure of it.

Now, today, I just had another great idea and it's even better. Today is Valentine's Day and someone brought in a bunch of doughnuts. As usual, they went fast early in the day. As the day went on, fewer doughnuts were taken until late in the day, there was only one doughnut left. It got cut up into pieces but no one wanted to take the last one. No one ever wants to take the last doughnut. Or the last piece of candy or the last of any kind of treat. So, my idea is to provide a cheap replacement for the last doughnut (or piece of candy or whatever) and let it just sit there. It would be cheap so when you bought a dozen doughnuts, you'd only pay for eleven doughnuts plus one cheap imitation doughnut. The idea would be to make it look like a doughnut but an unappetizing doughnut. So, no one would try to take it and realize that it's a fake but it would sit there and be the sacrificial "last doughnut" so that all the real ones could be eaten. I will patent this idea and then sell it to Dunkin' Donuts or some company like that and retire on the royalties. I still promise to continue writing this blog, though. I may have to rename it - "Adventures of the Idle Rich".

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