Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Windshield wipers

I just have to tell you about this. I bought some new wiper blades to replace the ones on our minivan that this horrible winter has ruined. I always put off getting new wiper blades because 
  1. When I'm in the car and the weather is good, I'm not using them and I forget that I need new blades
  2. When the weather is bad and I remember that I need them, I don't want to put them on in bad weather
  3. I don't have the money at the time
  4. They'll just work for a day or two anyway
I know. None of those are good excuses. But that has all changed. I have seen the light.

I finally remembered to go to Auto Zone and get some new wipers on a nice day. I kind of deluded myself into getting the ones I did because when the salesman looked them up on the computer for me, he told me they were $25 and the best they had and I said, "Let's get them. I'm tired of getting the $7 replacements and having them fail after a few days." Then I found out they were $25 each. I was too embarrassed to say they were too much after my little speech about wanting to get the best. So, I brought them home and struggled over installing them.

I should tell you that I always struggle over installing new wiper blades. It seems that people who design wipers have never seen any other wiper blades and start from scratch in how they will be attached. Then the designer moves on to another job in the company and a new guy is brought in to design next year's wipers. I guess there is a good reason for all the various ways of attaching them but I just don't understand. Anyway, I attached the blades and jumped in the car to test them. The windshield was dry so I was prepared for the rattling, scraping, sound-of-death as the blades ran over the bone dry glass. I hit the switch and they glided over the glass as if they weren't even touching it! I tried it again. Again the gliding and I could see they were touching the glass. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

To make it even better, we drove to Boston a couple of days later in a misty rain. I had never been so happy in the rain in my life. The wipers continued to silently sweep across the windshield cleaning off the mist and water like magic. They never made a sound. In a mist, I always leave the wipers off and wait for enough water to accumulate so they don't make the death rattle as they cross the windshield. But then, there are times when I can't see out the window very well. Now, with these wonderful wipers, I just left the control in the intermittent setting and didn't have to think about it again. I almost hated to get home and have to turn the wipers off. It was that good.

If you ever need new wiper blades, I urge you to save up your money and get Bosch Icon Wiper Blades. You will not be sorry.

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