Monday, August 10, 2009

A movie I just can't resist

I was up too late last night. I was supposed to be watching the Red Sox - Yankees game but it was too depressing (I'll say no more about that). So, during the bad parts, I was flipping around and noticed that Hannah and Her Sisters was on. For as many times as I've seen that movie, I'm always happy to watch it again. I have it on tape but there is something exciting about coming across it on TV that I can't resist.

I think it is one of Woody Allen's best. I especially like the happy ending. Everyone is gathered for Thanksgiving dinner and everything seems to have resolved itself. The sisters have each found happiness but the very final scene always brings tears to my eyes. The least settled of the sisters, Holly (played by Diane Wiest) has married Woody Allen's character Mickey (after a rocky start - see the movie) and she tells him she is pregnant. She is such a good actress and Mr. Allen is such a good director that I almost feel the same way as when my wife first told me she was pregnant with our son. I was ecstatic when my wife told me but in this movie, due to their rocky early relationship, and Woody's neurotic personality, you wonder what her husband's reaction will be. They stare at each other for a long time and then they finally embrace and kiss and you know they are thrilled. The other actors and actresses are wonderful, too. And the music is great (mostly jazz standards and a number of good classical pieces). There are a number of story lines and there is a lot of hurt and anguish but the happy ending seems just right to me.

There are other movies that grab me like this. I own them all but its the surprise of finding them on TV that is what makes me especially happy. The Godfather, The Lord of the Rings (1, 2 and 3), Das Boot (The Boat), Casablanca and many others. I just hope I don't have anything important to do when those are on.

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